During the presentation, we will focus on each of the following Magical steps:

  • The Magic is in YOU: How do you discover the magic inside each of us? 
  • When I Grow Up: What do you dream of becoming...or...do you still dream of the future? 
  • Cast a Spell: How to build on your strengths in your personal and professional life. 
  • Own the Room: Do you have the confidence you need?
  • Life, the Magical Moment in Time: How to live life to the fullest!

There is an old saying, "Can't never could." So many times we limit ourselves in the success of our lives. In A Magical Moment in Time, audiences will discover that there is a little magic in all of us and the steps they can take to bring out the magic. It's a fun and magical interactive presentation with audience participation. Perfect for conferences, fundraisers and company events 

Whether you are planning a sales meeting, a training seminar, an executive luncheon, a formal banquet, an annual holiday event,or a company networking session, Eric Hogue can provide a program that will be entertaining, informative and educational. Eric will work with you to determine the best type of program at your event. Our objective is to provide to you the right program in the right style and in the right way to meet your specific needs. Below is a listing of our four programs and services, each of these can be modified to meet your organization's goals.

During the presentation, we will focus on each of the following Take Action steps:

  • Decide to Take Action: Stop going through the motions of life and really start living.
  • Develop a Positive Attitude: Attitude is everything…it really is!
  • Choose a Mentor: Don’t recreate the wheel, find someone who has succeeded and copy them!
  • Perception: What do people really think of you?
  • Dare to be Bold: Step up and make life happen.
  • So Take Action: You’ve heard how…now go out and take action!

Motivate: Our Programs and Services

* In 2017 Wylie, Texas was named one of Money Magazine's top 20 cities in the country. In 2016, NerdWallet, named Wylie, Texas as The Best Small American City For Families.

How do you become one of Money Magazine's top 20 cities in the country? Why does Forbes magazine report that personal finance website, NerdWallet, has named your community The Best Small American City for Families?  The answer is found in how you build your community. It's not what you have done in the past, it's how you move forward in the future. It's how to build off your community's history, and grow a brighter tomorrow!  

During the presentation, we will focus on each of the following Magic of Building a Community steps:

  • Recognize who you are: A community can be a city, a school district, a chamber of commerce, a business, a civic organization. 
  • What are the current strengths within your community: What makes your organization unique and special.
  • Where do you want to go: Develop your future...what's your mission and your goals...and how do you get there.
  • Teamwork matters: Building a winning team to take you into a successful future. 
  • Change is painful: People love to criticize especially when you are trying to build a better way.
  • Do it anyway: At the end of the day you have to look yourself in the mirror...do what's right!

Are you just simply looking for a fun and entertaining speaker for your event? Eric Hogue can bring to your audience an amazing comedy magic routine that will entertain, educate and excite people of all ages. Contact us for more details on creating this unique program for your organization. 

This is our signature program that launched Eric into the speaking business. Take Action will teach your audience the steps we need to move forward and find success in our personal and professional lives. Humor, a little magic and proven concepts to bring out the steps needed for us to really take action in our lives and to stop just going through the motions of every day living. The focus is how success is really a journey, not just an event. 

Where speaking is inspiring, motivating and fun!